Drain Cleaning and Repairs

Need a drain cleaning service?

Properly flowing drains are critical to the safety and efficiency of your plumbing system. Be sure to call us at the first sign of trouble.

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Sewer Line Drain Clogs

Overflowing Bathroom Sink

Symptoms of a serious clog

  •   Gurgling noises
  • Slow or no drainage
  • Multiple drains backed up at once
  • Wastewater backups in one plumbing fixture after you use another (for example, water backing up in your tub after you flush the toilet)
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    Clogs only get worse, not better

    Depending on the issue we will visually inspect your plumbing fixtures, test your plumbing to observe the problem and conduct an inspection to look for deeper clogs and pipe damage. 

    The next part of your "rooter" service may involve snaking one or more drains to remove any obstruction(s) that are currently causing problems in a specific drainage point; removing sections of the piping system within our reach and repairing sections if necessary with new pipes that are customized specifically for your system.

    Don't use drain cleaners

    While it's tempting to use chemical drain cleaners when the clog won't clear,  they cause extensive damage if they come into contact with plastic or metal pipes. 

    If traditional methods don't work, call the experts at Quix Plumbing Service. We'll get things moving for you in no time.

    Quix Tips

    If you experience a clog, try to clear the blockage the old-fashioned way first. Try reaching in there yourself with rubber gloves, or use a plunger to push the stubborn blockage down.

    Don't Wait

    Prevent further issues by acting fast.

    Catch Debris

     Put a screen over your drain openings.

    Never Ever

    Never put chemicals or grease down your drains.