What is Quix?

Quix is the future of plumbing. It’s a revolutionary new app that lets you upload a picture of the problem and schedule a time for a plumber to come at your convenience

Who uses Quix?

Everyone! If you want your plumbing problem fixed quickly and reliably, get Quix.

Which locations does Quix Service?

Currently, Quix services Brooklyn and it’s surrounding areas. Quix is working on expanding to serve the entire Tri-State Area, then all of NY and eventually to all States.

Why is Quix better than a traditional plumbing service?

No more hunting for phone numbers and then waiting around all day for a plumber who doesn’t show up. No more having plumbing problems drag on while you wait for parts to be shipped. Instead, with the app you can upload a picture of the problem, so the plumber knows what to bring with him. He will come on time, and quickly fix the problem.

What kind of issues can Quix Fix?

Quix can fix any residential plumbing issue you may encounter. From installing a faucet, to fixing a burst pipe, Quix will be right on it.

How do I schedule a service call with Quix?

The easiest way is to download the app. If you'd prefer, you can also call 718-354-7315