Installing a Plumbing Fixture?

Avoid DIY disasters by hiring a Pro

Whether you need a new bathtub, toilet, or faucet installed - we can help. Our experts are experienced in installing all sorts of plumbing fixtures. From removing old sinks, to installing new piping, we can help you keep your home in top shape without any disruptions! We'll configure everything with your existing system seamlessly for a flawless installation experience from start to finish. 

Common plumbing fixture installs

 Appliance Hook-Up Tub and Shower Install
 Faucet Installations Sump Pump Systems
 Toilet Installation Backflow Prevention
 Garbage DisposalsWater Dispensers
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Quix Tips 

Let's Quix It!

Like you, we're passionate about home repairs!  But overestimating DIY skills can lead to expensive mistakes, so talk to a pro before tackling your next big project.

Clean Garbage Disposals

Use ice and cut citrus fruits to clean disposals

Hire a Professional

Overestimating DIY skills can be costly

Replace Sump Pumps

Replace Sump Pumps every 2-3 years