Quick Toilet Fixes

Whether your toilet is overflowing, running constantly, or leaking at the base, toilet repairs cannot be postponed.

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Leaking or Running Toilet?

Wiggle Toilet Handle

Common toilet problems

  • Pooling water at the base usually means the seal is worn out. 
  • Running toilets typically mean your float, refill tube and/or ballcock need to be replaced.
  • Bowls that are slow to fill often means there is debris clogging the plumbing leading to the toilet bowl.
  • Phantom flushes indicate a leak between the tank and the bowl.
  • Serious clogs cannot be cleared by chemical drain cleaners and require an auger to push the debris down into the sewer pipe.

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Looking to Save Water?

Low-Flow Toilet

Upgrade to a low-flow toilet

According to the EPA, toilets account for 30% of at home water usage. Low-flow toilets use two to three times less water, making them great for conserving water and saving money.  Even more surprising, is that if your toilet is more than 15 years old (1994 or earlier) it uses three times more water than a new model does. This means upgrading to a low-flow toilet is one of the most impactful changes you can make.

Still not convinced? Here are the GPF numbers- that's Gallons Per Flush. Older toilets can use up to six gallons of water per flush. New low-flow models use less than 1.6 gallons per flush, and if you use the small button on a dual flush model, that number drops to less than a gallon!

If you have questions or think you're ready for a low-flow toilet, give us a call. We can help you find the perfect model, install it, and remove your old toilet quicker than you might think.

Quix Tips

Hissing, rumbling or thumping when flushing are indications of a problem with your toilet and/or your water system. We fix both! Don't wait till it breaks, call us and get it "quixed".

Leak Test

Put food dye in your tank, if color appears in the bowl you have a leak and need a new flapper.

Shut-off Valve

Learn how to turn off the water using the shut-off valve located behind the base of the toilet

Never Flush Garbage

Don't flush anything other than toilet paper and waste. That includes floss, wipes, and kitty litter.